Monday, 19 November 2012

Standalone: First Savile, now Parliament?!

First Jimmy Savile and now Parliament? What's our world coming to?

You would think that back in the days of Thatcher that her cabinet would be ruled with an iron fist but apparently not. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Conservative, was found to have members in her cabinet who have been revealed to be paedofiles. Why the gasp, you ask? Well would you like the thought of Parliament oogling your children or grandchildren? What makes them fit to run the country yet the rest of the generations with the same illness are hooked on prescribed medication or rotting in a dirty prison cell?

The sad but honest fact of the matter is, Peter Morrison is probably one of many politicians, who have abused their power and elitist status, using it to cover up illegal sexual acts they partake in. These revelations are the first of many, most political minded people would assure you of that. This scandal certainly isn't restricted to shady politicians however, back in September it was revealed that revered British icon and radio personality Sir Jimmy Savile had possibly raped/molested 10 women, many if not all whom were under-aged at the time the act(s) were committed. Since then the severity of the charges and the evidence supporting them has increased substantially and it is believed Sir Jimmy raped/molested at least 400 females, most of whom were under-aged. How did a man who abused 100s of children get away with it so easily?

Well it's quite simple really, the BBC covered it up and with-held evidence, why? To save their reputation from tarnish. Now am I trying to persuade you that the BBC is some satanic organisation? No. The message I'm trying to convey is that the "powers from above" will hide evidence in anyway shape or form to save their figureheads, whether it be the BBC, or the Conservative government of Thatcher, these cover ups are a lot deeper than one would think, and all citizens need to band together and demand the truth.

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